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Tučepi from south-east
Tučepi from south-east
With our site we would like to introduce one of Makarska Riviera's most attractively located resorts, Tučepi. The inhabitants of the original hamlets of the hill-side started to settle on the coast following the earthquake of 1962 and the opening of the main road of the Adriatic, the Magistrala - the re-settlement process was then accelerated by the growing number of vacationers coming to Tučepi.

Similarly to Makarska, Tučepi boasts of a several kilometers long beach. Just like with many a beaches in Dalmatia, Tučepi beaches are gravel, too. Parts of the long coast have their own names, going from south these are Kamena, Donji ratac, Dračevice, Slatina. Over Slatina, towards Makarska the beach belongs to naturists.

Donji Ratac Beach detail
Donji Ratac Beach detail
Tučepi offers a rich choice of all types of accommodation. A cluster of hotels is situated on Tučepi's northern parts (Dračevice, Slatine), like the Jadran, Tamaris, Neptun, Kaštelet, Alga, Afrodita, while other hotels are right in the town center (Kraj), including Villa Marija and Laurentum. Of course, besides larger hotels guests are welcome at private apartments, too. The gastronomic offer matches the accommodation offer in every aspect. Food and drinks are served in various Dalmatian and international style restaurants, pizzerias, bars, cellars on the hill-side (Gornje Tučepi) and two confectioneries.

For everyday shopping the larger supermarkets in the center (Konzum, Studenac) are more than adequate - and there are more groceries around. Further shops and service include the branch of Splitska banka (bank), three jewelleries, three hairmakers, two car mechanics, car, motorbike and bicycle rentals, doctor's office - drugstore can be found in Makarska.

Thousands years of history left several traces in Tučepi. Out of these notable are the churches of old village parts and hamlets (Grubišići, Gornje Tučepi - Srida sela, Šarići), the late antique - early medieval, medieval cemetery below Saint Vitus Hill (Sutvid) and the Mary's Birth Church built on early Christian base, the St. George's Church by the hotels (1311). Secular monuments include the remains of towers from the Turkish era (Šarića, Bušelića, Lalića), the 18th c. villas of noble families on the coastal area - Ivanišević, Kačić and Grubišić villas. This latter one was transformed into the hotel known as the Kaštelet.

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